Action Against Hunger Visits Google Take Your Kid to Work Day

Our Race Against Hunger team teaches Googlers' children about global hunger and clean water
Bio-sand filters
Children of Google employees build bio-sand filters. Photo: ACF-USA, M. Lee

Introducing Action Against Hunger's complex international work to American children is an ongoing challenge in my job leading our Race Against Hunger program, an initiative to teach kids about global hunger and philanthropy (I wrote about some recent Race events earlier this week). So when our partner Google recently invited us to participate in their annual, national Take Your Kids to Work Day (TYKWD), we knew we had to come up with innovative, engaging projects for the Googlers' children!

For the older kids, we decided to have them build their own Bio-Sand Filters, which we actually construct in many communities where we have water projects. These filters are easy to assemble, requiring only two types of gravel and sand, and can remove up to 99% of contaminants in water. After constructing their own filters, the kids were asked to pour dirty water through and see how quickly unsafe water can be transformed into something drinkable. The activity was complemented with worksheets about water issues around the world and tips on how the kids can conserve water in their daily lives.

During sessions with the younger kids, we had them paint ceramic rice bowls while participating in discussions about how many children around the world go hungry and are unable to have bowls filled with food. We ended the activity by asking the kids to think about all of the children suffering from hunger every time they eat out of their new bowls.

With hundreds of Bio-Sand Filers constructed and rice bowls painted, both children and parents alike left the day with a heightened sense of awareness and empowerment about these global issues. 

We would like to thank Google and all of the Googlers who participated in TYKWD 2013!

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"To learn, do." Do you agree? Googlers' children learned about global issues by making filters and painting bowls. Why is this more effective than simply listening to a presentation?

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Melinda is one of our program support officers, coordinating our efforts in East Africa, Pakistan, and Cambodia.