Action Against Hunger & Social Media: Keeping You Informed

Read, Follow, Tweet, Share, Like, Upload, and Support ACF!

In today’s world of technology, receiving updates about our work in the field is even easier. Through different forms of social media, we are able to share much more recent details about what we are doing. There are many different follow ACF as work across the globe. By subscribing to these different media outlets, we promise you that you will be in the loop of our work. Here are some ways to learn more:

1. Twitter: ACF is all over twitter- find us at @acfusa. With almost 4, 600 followers, our Twitter page will be sure to give you informed about our work. We include fundraising stories, field updates, shout-outs to our supporters, and event reminders on our Twitter page to help you stay connected to ACF. You can even acknowledge ACF in your own tweets to continue the word out there about our organization.

2. Facebook: Like us on Facebook! We have photo of the week updates, information about our Lose for Good campaign with Weight Watchers, and posts from individuals like you who share their ACF stories. It is a great tool for posting and learning about events over your city, town, and state.

3. YouTube: Our YouTube account has a wide assortment of videos, from videos in the field, to clips from events, promotional videos, documentaries, and fundraising ideas from supporters, our account will be sure to give you more information about our organization. Check it out!

4. Vimeo:  With 50 videos, our Vimeo account will keep you interested and informed in our work. With high-definition videos from field work spanning the globe, to real life stories from our supporters, these videos will provide you with an unforgettable visual about what we do.

Thanks for reading, following, tweeting, liking, uploading, and supporting us at Action Against Hunger!