Action Against Hunger Named Among Top “High-Impact” Agencies

Philanthropedia’s panel of industry experts evaluated 52 international nonprofits & selected 11 as having the highest impact.
Two boys and the Philanthropedia 2011 Top Nonprofit badge.
Credit: Alexis Porter

Action Against Hunger has been named one of the top emergency response nonprofits by a panel of independent industry experts after evaluating a range of well-known international relief organizations.

The nonprofit research company Philanthropedia (now a Guidestar project) consulted 55 experts with considerable experience in the humanitarian and development fields—individuals with an average of 17 years of professional experience. These experts were asked to recommend international nonprofits that carry out high-impact programs across multiple countries or regions, that respond to natural and man-made disasters, and that are adept at responding to slow- and fast-onset disasters.

Philanthropedia’s experts identified 11 top nonprofits (out of 52 reviewed) making the biggest positive impact at the international level, and we were selected for our global impact, expertise, and reach.

We work hard at Action Against Hunger to solicit reviews and routine feedback from our supporters, but an assessment from industry experts adds value by providing informed, independent perspectives on a nonprofit’s real-world ability to deliver lifesaving programs when disasters strike. Such assessments should provide a degree of comfort for donors looking to support international NGOs like Action Against Hunger.

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