Action Against Hunger A La Carte

New York City bistro Café Joul adds Action Against Hunger to the menu

Action Against Hunger’s popular Restaurants Against Hunger campaign celebrated its 8th year in 2008, partnering with food and beverage leaders to raise funds and awareness in the food-focused social environs of the Tri-State Area. Adding to the success of the event was Café Joul, a popular French bistro known for its mouth-watering foods and cozy atmosphere. Since June of last year, Café Joul has committed to donating $1.00 from sales of one of two popular items—their green salad and a chocolate mousse—to the Restaurants Against Hunger campaign. Café Joul has already garnered over $1,700 for Restaurants Against Hunger while expanding Action Against Hunger’s local visibility and reach. With dedicated partners such as Café Joul, this year’s Restaurants Against Hunger campaign is bound to be a success.