Action Against Hunger Joins Retail Electricity Initiative to Help Fund Humanitarian Programs

New partnership with retail electricity supplier North American Power helps customers support leading nonprofits like ACF.

Thanks to the ongoing deregulation of electricity throughout the United States, customers in 17 states now have the option of purchasing their electricity from a range of third-party suppliers that can allow for potential savings on their utility bill, as well as the power to give back, go green, and make a difference with each bill they pay. North American Power, one of the nation’s fastest-growing retail electricity suppliers, is making a bold commitment to corporate social responsibility with the launch of the “Mission to Millions” program and has selected Action Against Hunger as one of its first partners.

When customers switch to North American Power or invest in the company’s new Green-e® Energy certified 100% renewable energy option, American Wind, they select a preferred non-profit organization from a list of featured “Mission to Millions” charities. Several charities are already on board, including Heifer Project International, Hope For Haiti, Action Against Hunger, Malaria No More, Dress For Success, The National MS Society, Room to Read, and Americans for the Arts. North American Power then donates $1 per customer to their chosen charity each time they pay their monthly electric bill. The goal of this new program is to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthy causes by the end of 2011 and millions per year by 2014. At the time of launch of this innovative campaign on April 18, 26% of eligible customers selected Action Against Hunger as their preferred charity.

“Giving back for the greater good is something that has always been part of our company’s core mission, and we’re excited to launch a program that builds philanthropy into growth,” explained North American Power’s CEO, Kerry Breitbart. “Our customers save and we give. What could be simpler?”

“Integrating philanthropic giving directly into North American Power’s business plan is both generous and smart,” said Action Against Hunger Senior Corporate Officer James Michaud. “Action Against Hunger is delighted to be part of this unique initiative.”

North American Power currently offers electricity in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and New Jersey. With the Launch of American Wind across all 50 states, the potential for substantial fundraising increases. With the funds donated by North American Power, Action Against Hunger is one step closer to achieving its mission of fighting malnutrition and ending world hunger.

About North American Power

North American Power is an energy company founded by industry veterans Kerry Breitbart and Carey Turnbull to help homeowners and businesses take full advantage of deregulated energy. As one of the fastest-growing retail electricity suppliers in the nation, North American Power places community at the center of its mission – helping consumers make smarter energy choices, giving back to local and national non-profits through innovative fundraising programs including the new Mission to Millions, creating sustainable income opportunities for its growing sales force, and a variety of energy choices that positively impact the environment. The company currently serves more than 100,000 customers in CT, MD, NJ, NY and PA with plans to expand into other deregulated states and begin offering natural gas service in 2011. For more information, visit their website.