Action Against Hunger Calls For An Immediate Cease Fire in Gaza

Hostilities have caused a humanitarian crisis with thousands without water or security

Over the last 12 days, Gaza’s 1.5 million inhabitants—1 million of whom are women and children—have been subjected to constant aerial, sea, and land-based bombardments without any way to escape the violence. The global humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger / Action Contre la Faim (ACF) calls upon all sides to cease hostilities and allow for humanitarian assistance to reach the displaced in Gaza.

The death toll has now reached more than 650 and hospitals are fast approaching their limit: 2,800 injured people have been admitted thus far and there are still many more who cannot be reached. Some 800,000 people no longer have access to running water due to infrastructure damage and a lack of electricity to run the wells and pumps. More than 1.3 million people depend on shipments of food aid into Gaza—assistance that now arrives in insufficient quantities—while the food items that do arrive are impossible to distribute due to ongoing fighting and significant security risks facing the population and aid staff.

The ground operation has forced thousands of families to flee their homes to take refuge at UN schools or with friends and relatives. Unfortunately, the security of clearly marked UN schools can not provide sufficient protection for the civilians. Despite their best efforts, over 40 people have been killed in these shelters and schools over the last two days. Action Against Hunger’s field teams and local partners are preparing to carry out emergency repairs on damaged water infrastructure as soon as possible, and emergency distributions of drinking water, cooking and hygiene kits for displaced populations are on hold until security conditions improve.

Action Against Hunger calls upon all sides to cease hostilities and create an environment conducive to carrying out humanitarian assistance and the protection of civilians as prescribed by International Humanitarian Law. The three hour daily Humanitarian Truce offered by the Israeli government is a positive step but still largely insufficient to provide anywhere near the amount of aid and protection needed. An immediate ceasefire is required for the safe passage of humanitarian assistance of sufficient quantities given Gaza’s checkpoints, not to mention the need for fuel for the Gaza power plant and access for humanitarian staff.

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