Action Against Hunger Begins Lifesaving Programs in Cameroon

Our teams are racing to assist families fleeing to Cameroon to escape conflict in the Central African Republic
Our teams assess and respond to the needs of displaced families seeking refuge in Cameroon. Photo: ACF-France
Our teams assess and respond to the needs of displaced families seeking refuge in Cameroon. Photo: ACF-France

In the Central African Republic, tens of thousands of people are still living with the devastating impact of the coup in early 2013 and subsequent episodes of violence. While Action Against Hunger continues to work with those internally displaced by the conflict, we have also begun assisting families fleeing to safety in neighboring Cameroon. 

Over the past three weeks, our emergency teams have been on the ground in Cameroon assessing the humanitarian situation, which is growing more serious every day. So far, more than 100,000 people—mostly women, children, and the elderly—have taken refuge in camps set up by the Government of Cameroon, with an estimated 15,000 more people arriving every month. Many families fled with nothing, and now face harrowing conditions in the camps.

Providing emergency services to displaced people

Our teams are working to reach some 20,000 people in the high-need areas of Ketté and Ndélélé with emergency programs in nutrition treatment, water, sanitation and hygiene, and psychological support for parents and children.

  • Nutrition treatment: Children under five years old are especially vulnerable to malnutrition caused by food scarcity, trauma, and lack of access to basic healthcare services. We are planning to treat some 4,000 displaced children for malnutrition.
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene: In order to prevent waterborne diseases caused by lack of clean water, we are preparing to provide safe drinking water and teach good hygiene habits to some 8,000 people.
  • Psychological support: Many parents and children escaping violence may experience post-traumatic stress, which can disrupt the parent-child bond and hinder healthy development in children. Our trained psychologists will offer thousands of families a safe place to reconnect and recover from trauma.  

Supporting communities in Cameroon

In addition to assisting displaced people, we must also help communities in Cameroon cope with the strain that the influx of refugees is having on their already limited resources. In response, we’re planning to provide food security solutions to refugee and host populations. 

We are committed to providing critical emergency services to those affected by the ongoing conflict in the Central African Republic. As the need grows, we can reach more vulnerable people with help from the international community, and from supporters like you. 


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