ACF Prepares for South Sudan's Independence

Photo: ACF-Sudan, J. Seagle/Counterpart Images
Photo: ACF-Sudan, J. Seagle/Counterpart Images

As I am sure you well-informed folks know, the southern area of Sudan will become an independent nation by the end of this week. This is a big and exciting change for the people of this African nation. While the prospect of independence offers hope to many Sudanese, the change is not without problems.

At Action Against Hunger | ACF International, we are working to help citizens in this precarious time. We currently have field workers in Mayen Abun, Turalei, Majak Aher, and Wunrok. We are creating systems to ensure clean water, screening people for malnutrition, enrolling malnourished children in rehabilitation programs, and spreading emergency health programs. Our field workers are on the ground, ready to address needs as they arise during this transition.

So, how do people like you and me get involved in helping people in Sudan? There are a number of different ways:

  1. Donate directly.
  2. Start a HALT (Hunger Awareness Leaders of Tomorrow) chapter in your high school or college/university and focus your efforts, fundraisers, and programs to Sudan.
  3. Embrace activism! Start a hunger march, write an article for you school paper, or even talk about the event with your family. Knowledge is empowering and spreading the word helps!

Remember to keep following the news as these exciting events unfold.