Luis Manuel Garcia

Luis Manuel Garcia Lopez

A seasoned financial professional with two decades of experience, Luis Manuel Garcia serves as Action Against Hunger’s Director of Finance. In this role, Mr. Garcia provides strategic leadership and oversight to the organization’s Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, and Administration teams. He is also a key strategist working alongside Action Against Hunger’s Board of Directors and Senior Executive Team to manage financial and administrative growth.

Critical functions that are directed through his office include but are not limited to: financial budgeting and reporting, auditing, payroll, time reporting, systems management, invoicing, contracts and grants administration, compliance administration, office services, employee benefits, employee health and safety, leases, vendor relationships, taxes, and financial filings.

Mr. Garcia has a nuanced understanding of the complexities of managing finances involving both a US-based headquarter office and field programs across multiple countries in Africa and Asia. A native of Spain who is multilingual, he has a proven track record of working positively with humanitarians from a wide swath of backgrounds and geographies.

Mr. Garcia began his career as Treasurer and Accountant for two regional associations in Spain before becoming a Financial Advisor at Bilbao Vizcaya Bank. But for the past nearly twenty years, he has dedicated himself to the Action Against Hunger network, first serving as Financial and Administrative Director in Haiti from 1997-1999. He then assumed the financial oversight of all Madrid-managed missions worldwide as Field Operation Finances Director, a position he held until the end of 2005. In early 2006 he moved from Madrid to New York, joining Action Against Hunger USA as Director of Grant Compliance & Field Financial Controller. In 2012, he was promoted to Director of Finance.

After growing up in Bilbao, Spain, Mr. Garcia earned degrees in economics from universities in Bilbao and Lille (France) and has undertaken Ph.D. courses in International Economy from the Basque Country University.