Andrea Tamburini

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea TamburiniAndrea Tamburini, CEO of Action Against Hunger-USA, is a passionate humanitarian leading a mandate to make a measurable impact in reducing childhood malnutrition and creating lasting solutions to hunger.

In the seven countries where Action Against Hunger-USA operates, its teams assess and treat pediatric malnutrition; enable ongoing access of food, water and hygiene for vulnerable communities, and provide emergency response to countries in crisis. The global organization, ACF International, spans work in 45 countries and benefits nine million people annually. Tamburini serves on the ACF International Executive Committee.

To accomplish Action Against Hunger’s goals, Tamburini is taking a strategic approach to forging solutions with thought leaders from the private, public and nonprofit sectors. At the same time, he is driving continued on-the-ground excellence for which the organization is known.

On a global scale, Tamburini is utilizing the organization’s technical experts to advise the global nutrition cluster of the United Nations, research innovations in the labs of leading universities and visionary corporations, and partner with governments and communities to reverse unhealthy conditions and deliver life-saving services.

A dedicated professional who has served on the front lines of global humanitarian initiatives since 2000, Tamburini has consulted with the United Nations’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, and its Policy Development and Studies Branch. He has been a Visiting Professor and is a current lecturer with Fordham University’s International Institute of Humanitarian Affairs, a program which he helped to design.

He began his career in the humanitarian sector in Kosovo at the close of the conflict in the Balkans, with subsequent field post including India, Vietnam, the West Bank and Gaza, Iraq, Jordan, Darfur and Lebanon. Tamburini joined Action Against Hunger in 2010 as the Head of Programme for Pakistan and Nigeria, and was appointed Director of Operations in June 2011. He was appointed CEO in July 2014.